My journal is a place to express my thoughts about what I do. The entries you see here are prompted by client scenarios or the ideas that inform my work. I hope they may be useful to those who are trying to find out about me or who want some stimulus for their own thinking.

Lucy Ball Director of Lucy Ball Consulting
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None of us is perfect, so why is negative feedback such a bl***y minefield?

Today I’m revisiting the topic of feedback. This post comes with thanks to Alain de Botton. Those who have seen his talk on Why We…

The craft of team coaching

An Executive Coach works 1:1 with a leader, a Pairs Coach works with two leaders at a time and a Team Coach works with a…

The Guilt of a Working Parent

Does any of this feel familiar? When I’m at work, I feel guilty that I’m not with my kids. When I’m with my kids, I’m…

Ways of Listening

Being aware of our ways of listening can transform our conversations and therefore our impact. A mentor of mine from many years ago used to ask…

Overcoming Resistance: 7 Tips

Resistance to change can be very frustrating for leaders. It happens up and down hierarchies, across functions and between individuals. Individual and team coaching clients…

How do you respond to a grumpy authority figure?

This week I’ve had many causes to think about how I, and my clients, respond to a boss, peer or stakeholder who is disappointed, critical,…

How can men and women talk about feminism?

MeToo, Mansplaining, Everyday Sexism, Women in the Boardroom, ‘Stupid Woman!’ My amateur lip-reading inclines me towards believing Jeremy Corbyn that he said stupid people not…

The Super Hero Leader

The super hero leader: Is a high achiever Takes on large burdens Volunteers to sort impossible problems Works intensely Doesn’t complain Is their own harshest…

Being powerful around difficult people

It’s certainly unscientific and probably unprofessional of me to use the term ‘difficult people’ in this journal entry. It’s a generalisation that can be really…

Feedback and Shame

As is often the case with these journal posts, the topics seem to pick me. This week the topic is feedback and shame. I’ve had…

Designing a strategy engagement event? 10 Dos and Don’ts

A good strategy engagement event gives leaders and managers in your business the chance to get to grips with the new strategy. It helps people…

10 tips for leaders joining a new business

Some of my clients are moving on, some have recently moved. Here are 10 tips from my experience of coaching leaders as they establish themselves…