My journal is a place to express my thoughts about what I do. The entries you see here are prompted by client scenarios or the ideas that inform my work. I hope they may be useful to those who are trying to find out about me or who want stimulus for their own thinking.

Lucy Ball Director of Lucy Ball Consulting
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Five truths about team conflict

This post explores my observations about conflict in teams. It is prompted by a day spent recently with the executive team of a multi-million pound budget-holding…

Trousers and inner tyrants

I know a very accomplished guy, a big, strong guy in his 50s. Let’s call him John. John is a successful professional, a loving role-model…

Are you a political animal?

Is politics a positive or negative word to you? What does it conjure up? Do you think of yourself as a political animal? The theme…


It’s so hard to live with disappointment – when our expectations are not met or our dreams dashed. It’s also hard to disappoint someone else…

Coaching or Couching

This entry explores the area between Coaching and Counselling or Psychotherapy which some practitioners are now calling Couching. In entry level coach training much is…

Collaboration caution

Research published in Harvard Business Review Febuary 2016’s article Collaborative Overload by Cross, Rebele and Grant found that ‘the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative…

Team Endings

I’m inspired to write about endings by a friend and colleague who recently became MD of an international non-profit organisation. Hold on, this sounds like a…

Viral Change

The prevailing frame of reference for change programmes continues to be a linear, programmatic version of change that has its roots in the process and…

The roles we play in pairs

Pre-teens weren’t even a thing when I was growing up, but now I have one. I can already hear those of you with adult kids…

Corporate Loneliness

John Cacioppo is the director of University of Chicago’s Centre for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and is interested in Loneliness as a social phenomenon.  According…


Resilience is much talked about in the world of leadership and organisation development. I love the way the funny and brilliant researcher and speaker, Brene…

Strengths first

Many of us spend so much time thinking about what we are not, that we forget who we are. We grow up with teachers, parents,…

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